25 APRIL - 14 MAY


EXPANDED.ART is pleased to present RAUCH UND SPIEGEL, the first solo show of Justin Aversano at the gallery in Berlin.

For his series SMOKE AND MIRRORS Justin Aversano photographed 78 sets of artists, astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, and other forms of mystics from all around the world. Each subject represents a unique tarot card. Aversano is creating a body of work focused on the existence of magic and mysticism through an immersive portrait survey and tarot readings.

The artist converted the black-and-white photographs into silkscreen paintings. Combining the elements of the real (photographic) and the surreal (painting) to facilitate a broad and reflexive mixed-media dialogue that discerns the characters represented by the cards, their powers, and the significance of their presence in this natural world.

Justin Aversano is the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Art, a platform focused on curating digital culture through NFTs. He is also the co-founder and creative director of SaveArtSpace, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing community art to public spaces. A humanist and social entrepreneur, Aversano connects his art with the world around him by capturing moments, faces, and communities that surround him and bringing them together through the lens of his camera. The artist is currently based in Los Angeles.

Justin Aversano, Four of Cups.
Justin Aversano, Ace of Cups.
Justin Aversano, The Chariot.