Jonas Lund

Untitled (38_19_83)

Acrylic on canvas, NFC tags, metal frame
124 x 100 cm
48.8 x 39.4 in
12.500,00 €excl. VAT & shipping

UNTITLED (2021) is a series of JONAS LUND'S networked paintings. Each work in the series evaluates its own performance and likability, quantifying data through in-depth network analysis. This information can then be accessed by near-field communication, offering the viewer meta-data on the painting and some additional abstracted information through a popup window appearing on his/her phone when approaching the painting. Through this technology, the viewer is provided with an alternative narrative to the works, bestowing a presence that exists beyond our own physical world.

The formalization of these painting’s aesthetics is also the result of this data analysis, with each tablet a mosaic of artworks that have experienced success at auction. From such, Lund presents landscapes that are expressionist and vibrant, where visual information is remixed and juxtaposed to such a degree that only small traces of the previous lives it once lived are visible.